Monday, September 8, 2008

Herding Poodles

This past weekend Sparkle Q`d for her first leg of two towards her Herding Capability Test under Judge Chris Soderstrom of Fido Farms, Olympia, Washington. This was her first introduction to herding plus her first exposure to sheep. HCT is a true test of a dogs herding instinct to whether they have it or not.

It also shows just how versatile a poodle can be.
The test was of the American Herding Breed Association. Her second leg will require more controlled moving of the sheep from one point to another.............!

So time to get some boots on and start herding those sheep!

Sparkle in full showcoat Qualifiing (Q`d) for her first leg of HCT.

Santos and Shiraz also Qualified on their HCT First Leg. So 4 out of our 5 poodles (including LaRoo whom we bred) Q`d. Tang`s exuberant young male & puppy antics to everyones amusement got the best of him so he "Needs time to grow up more" and "He would love to do it some day"!!! :)
Out of 20 Standard Poodles, 17 received their First Leg towards the HCT.

Congratulations to Vikki with TinTin & Nickel along with Raquel & Ico of Alchmy Poodles on the Second Leg for the completion of their new Title HCT!!! These two girls have done wonders with their Poodles! True Shepards in the makings! ;)

Also huge THANKS to these two girls for putting on this most wonderful day of Herding and all their hard work!!!

(pictured at the entrance of Fido Farms)

Our newly aquired Van to take us to our Poodle events!
I`ve needed a Van 7 years ago!